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Single-Source Driver Risk Managament Platform


FleetDefense is a single-source platform that uses assessment-based learning to target high-risk driver behaviors in fleets around the globe. Whether managing a global fleet or a local market, FleetDefense provides customizable and flexible data reporting. Course assignments can be adjusted to target persistent collision causes at a global, country, or driver level.

As well as providing for the internal integration of our platform components, the AlertDriving Connectivity Hub is also the external integration gateway for telematics data, administration APIs, inbound driver data feeds, driver results data extracts, etc…


FleetDefense trains the way adults learn best, testing drivers not just once, but at regular intervals—and in a modular design you can customize with local content to target specific collisions.


  • Every driver can assign the training to a family member—free of charge

  • All modules take less than 20 minutes to complete

  • All modules use real-life video footage, which drivers prefer over cartoon-like, computer animation

  • Modules feature local content, footage and languages from over 70 countries

  • Clients routinely see up to a 60% reduction in collisions, coupled with a dramatic reduction in the severity of their collisions

  • Custom training modules can be developed quickly and cost effectively

  • The system automatically corresponds via email with trainees, reminding them of upcoming modules—significantly improving compliance and results


Used by over 1 million drivers worldwide, the FleetDefenseSM training library is the most extensive in the industry, covering speeding, intersection safety, distractions, fatigue, and much more.


Our platform includes a modular Learning Management System (LMS) to manage driver enrolment courses, track progress, measure compliance and other key performance indicators at various levels within the corporate structure.  We can support very high volumes of drivers and complex company / department structures with no practical limit to the number of levels in the driver organization chart.  


We provide administration options for company and driver management including:

  • full admin service offering where we will provide all administration on your behalf;

  • self-serve admin capabilities which allow our customers to create their own admin accounts at the company or department level and perform administrative functions through our client admin portal; and

  • custom integration with client systems using admin web services exposed through the AlertDriving Connectivity Hub. 


Using our single sign on (SSO) and white labeling options, drivers coming from their corporate intranet are presented with a seamless user experience consistent with their corporate network.  Drivers who do not sign in through their own corporate network can sign in with their email address and a password that they create. 


Drivers access training by connecting to our driver portal where they can review the training assigned to them and launch training modules from the browser of their computer or mobile device with no need to download or install client-side applications. We currently serve our enterprise clientele in over 70 countries and 100 different languages.


Content delivery is managed and optimized by us using Akamai net storage to place online content closer to end users. Training can be accessed using a wide variety of mobile devices, operating systems and browsers. We also have demonstrated the ability to problem solve on demand when certain regimes introduce unique requirements, such as the Russian Data Residency Rules that were introduced a few years ago. We added additional servers, located in Russian data centers, to comply with these unusual requirements, giving us the ability to lawfully continue serving our Russian customers. Read more about delivery and Privacy 

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